About me

I made my master and Ph.D. in Computer Science on the topic of Artificial Neural Networks for speech recognition at the University of Bonn, Germany, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA), Waseda University in Tokyo (Japan), and E.N.S.T. in Paris (France). That was before the “AI Winter”.

Since then, I am passionate about applying the principals of massive-parallel systems, self-organization, and super- and unsupervised learning to Computer Science problems.

During the AI Winter, I worked for 20 years in the IT industry and in IT consulting (SAP and Capgemini). After the AI winter, I went back to my old field and joined ThoughtWorks, Inc. where I worked as a principal consultant for data science and machine learning in a global role. Currently I am working at OutSystems as Director for Business Value Consulting Europe.

Besides my professional work, I am a passionate writer and frequent speaker at international conferences and MeetUps (see my list of publications and talks).

In my leisure time, I am enjoying sports (running, cycling, swimming and inline skating) and playing jazz piano in a band.

I am living in Cologne, Germany.


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